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gefeba – 50 years of electrical engineering expertise. The international high-tech company is founded on technical excellence, top quality, and absolute reliability.

gefeba, headquartered in the heart of Germany’s Ruhr region, provides you with turnkey automation technology and electrical equipment from a single source. The SME has been steadily growing for 50 years and can consequently draw on the expertise that has been developed from the experience of its 140 employees – 60 of whom are engineers and technicians – and from numerous reference projects.

No matter whether you, the customer, are planning a new plant or process or wish to undertake the conversion and modernization of the automation during ongoing operations:

Our team of specialists

  • Analyzes the flow
  • Clarifies interfaces
  • Devises the hardware solution at 30 CAD/CAE workstations
  • Develops the user software to level 2 applications
  • Simulates the entire automation process in our in-house simulation center
  • Undertakes production in its own workshops with CNC support
  • Installs and assembles the electrical systems
  • Takes care of initial operation and optimization

Flat hierarchies make it possible for the system supplier to concurrently design, produce, and install systems – this is also thanks to the wealth of experience gained over many development generations in automation and drive technology.