Process Gas Analysis

gefeba supplies and sets up customized gas analysis systems for the steel industry: rugged and highly available, with low maintenance costs and flexible data integration linkage.
Our many years of experience have established us as a reliable partner for the planning and construction of new gas analysis systems, as well as for the modernization of existing systems for various steel processes.

Blast furnace, shaft furnace Blast furnace gas analysis downpipe, HMS gas analysis, Cowper gas analysis, recuperator exhaust gas analysis
Converter  Exhaust gas analysis in the boiler and in the filter; O2 analysis for the gas storage
Electric furnace  Furnace gas analysis (cover, manifold), gas analysis in process media; exhaust gas temperature measurement
Reduction furnace  Process gas analysis from multiple locations (intake up to fireplace)
Vacuum system  Exhaust gas analysis behind steam jet cleaner
Cupola furnace Blast furnace gas analysis
Sintering plant Process gas analysis, fireplace flue gas analysis (emission), dust measurement, volume flow measurement
Fire coating system Furnace gas analysis
Coal grinding and drying system Gas analysis on the fine coal silo, on the hot gas generator, and behind the filter; smoldering gas analysis in the coal silo
Research Exhaust gas analysis in sintering technology center
Process media Argon analysis in technical oxygen, helium analysis in natural gas
Room air monitoring Gas warning system for plant areas or rooms (maximum workplace concentration (MAK), LEL, lack of O2, etc.).
Other Mobile gas analysis, gas cylinder storage room


Process Gas Analysis

From individual analysis cabinets to complete analysis facilities, we work with you to find the optimum solution for your measuring task. Your process requirements determine the selection of an analyzer concept: from conventional analyzers to lasers and mass spectrometers. Our risk assessment and hazard analysis constitutes the prerequisite for the planning and subsequent handling of your gas analysis system (ATEX, SIL).

Together with the operating instructions, you receive all information on the installation and commissioning, as well as for the safe operation and maintenance, of your gas analysis system. If you wish, we can also subsequently handle the maintenance and repair of your analysis system. An optional remote maintenance interface also ensures rapid and straightforward support.

If you need more information about gas analysis or if there is a particular matter you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact persons. We are open to receiving queries and implementing your requirements.