Mining Final Repositories

As an experienced and reliable partner to a key industry, gefeba has developed and produced products for both traditional and innovative future-oriented industrial sectors for many years now. Among other things, our partners take advantage of gefeba’s expertise in the development of modern transport and conveyor systems, for building material systems, and for pneumatic conveyor systems and repository systems. Find out more about our individualized concepts for mixing and pumping stations, compressor controllers, alkali management, and the comprehensive field of screening and crushing systems as well as silo systems.

With our strengths and our innovative ideas, we are also committed to serving our global partners in the area of quality assurance and measured value recording systems. gefeba provides top-class knowledge in the area of dosing and weighing technology.

We also apply the comprehensive experience of our employees to the field of automation, for example in the area of setting and adjusting filling scales via barcodes. Simplification of the receiving of truck deliveries by means of barcode printers and barcode readers is also a part of the gefeba portfolio.

The gefeba experts advise you not only with regard to possible development opportunities and prospects, but also about the necessary approval requirements with regard to mining suitability, radiation protection according to Section 15 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV), radiation pass according to Sections 40 and 95 of the StrlSchV, supervisor according to Sections 58-60 of the German Federal Mining Act (BbergG) and the reliability review according to Section 12b of the German Atomic Energy Act (AtG).

If you need more information about gefeba or have questions about specific issues or work processes, or if there is a particular matter you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact persons. We are open to receiving queries and implementing your requirements.