Disposal & Recycling

gefeba is also an active partner of market-leading companies in the key industry of waste disposal and recycling. For our customers with a business focus on waste incineration plants and recycling centers, the body of knowledge and innovative strength of the gefeba experts are essential to the development and optimization of their plants.

The experience of the gefeba specialists also helps you as a potential customer to implement solutions in the basic area of network replacement, power supply systems, and battery systems. Crane systems, filter presses, and loading facilities are as much a part of our portfolio as special and customized solutions for the purging of tank vehicles by nitrogen blanketing or the emptying by means of discharge pumps, for special charging stations for the disposal of flammable liquid waste, and also for the supply of liquid media directly to the burner level.

As a new gefeba partner you can also take advantage of our knowledge to implement a fully-automated system with high-availability and fail-safe controllers and a control system link. We are also your point of contact for ex protection. Furthermore, for your project we can also offer you an acceptance examination by an expert assessor from an authorized inspection body.

If you need more information about gefeba or have questions about specific issues or work processes, or if there is a particular matter you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact persons. We are open to receiving queries and implementing your requirements.